Bill Hader Shows Off Harry Styles, Jack Nicholson Impersonations on 'Ellen'

The comedian also channeled his inner Seth Rogen, John Oliver and Elvis Presley.

Bill Hader showed off his impersonation skills while visiting The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday (March 12).

While playing a game, host Ellen DeGeneres hit a button that gave Hader a famous person to impersonate along with an activity. The game started off with Hader impersonating Seth Rogen reading to pre-schoolers. “Puff the magic dragon huffed and puffed and then kept puffing and puffed some more,” he began in a low voice. “And then he got some Oreos with his friends and then puffed some more and then he watched Jerry Springer for five days.”

The next impersonation Hader took on was Harry Styles at the gym. With his best British accent, the comedian pretended to be the singer attempting to lift barbells. “No, you can put more on," he joked, as he pretended to struggle to lift imaginary weights. "No, take it off, take it off."

Jack Nicholson running a lemonade stand was Hader’s next task. “You’re gonna order a lemonade from me, little child, ” he began. “If you don’t order a lemonade from me, you’re gonna go right to hell.”

The comedian also gave his best impersonation of John Oliver at a hip-hop concert. Hader imagined that Oliver would have a difficult time seeing the stage. “I can’t jump that high in the air, but I can hold one hand like this,” Hader said as he bounced up and down.

Hader took on Elvis Presley at a job interview for his final impersonation during the game. “I can play the guitar,” he began with his best impression of the King of Rock and Roll. “That’s about it.”