Conservative Group Uses Bill Maher and David Letterman to Raise Money (Video)

Bill Maher David Letterman - H 2012
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Bill Maher David Letterman - H 2012

An organization called She-PAC has released a video montage of the comedians using offensive language to describe Sarah Palin and other prominent Republican women.

A conservative political action committee is using liberal TV stars Bill Maher and David Letterman to raise money.

She-PAC on Friday released a video montage of Maher and Letterman making rude comments directed at Republican women like former vp candidate Sarah Palin and Rep. Michele Bachmann.

“Warning: All should find the following video offensive,” begins the two-minute video, before it launches into Maher and Letterman – especially the former – using profane language to describe females whom they disagree with politically.

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Included in the video is President Barack Obama and MSNBC anchor Ed Schultz, as well as images of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, radio host Laura Ingraham and others.

The video (below) is designed to drum up publicity and financial support for the organization, which also released a letter on Friday that calls on Priorities USA Action, a liberal PAC that supports Obama, to return a recent $1 million donation from Maher.

The letter contrasts offensive things that Maher has said to describe his political opposites with insults Rush Limbaugh recently directed at Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke.