Bill Maher Takes on Donald Trump Groping Allegations, Warns Undecided Voters Movies "Foresee the Future"

Bill Maher’s HBO Real Time-H 2016
Courtesy of Janet Van Ham/HBO

"There's a lot of things people don't like about Hillary Clinton, but when she rubs you the wrong way, it's just an expression," the 'Real Time' host joked in his monologue.

Bill Maher is not afraid to push the envelope.

On Friday night's episode of HBO's Real Time With Bill Maher, the comedian took on the recent wave of sexual assault allegations leveled against Donald Trump in the wake of last week's leaked Access Hollywood audio. In his opening monologue, he asked the audience, "To save time, who here has not been groped by Donald Trump?" 

Maher, alluding to the prurient comments made by Trump in a leaked 2005 video with then-Access Hollywood host Billy Bush, went on to say, "Apparently, Donald Trump is a little handsy." 

Trump's comments sparked a national reaction when the video was leaked last week, with many GOP figures condemning the candidate's comment and in some cases rescinding their endorsements. Trump, in Sunday night's debate against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, repeatedly referred to the comments as "locker room talk."

"There's a lot of things people don't like about Hillary Clinton, but when she rubs you the wrong way, it's just an expression," Maher quipped.

"How dare you claim I do the things I do!" Maher joked, imitating Trump. "I'm not really a rapist, I just say that when I want people to like me."

Maher himself was sued in 2004 by former girlfriend and Playboy model Coco Johnsen, who alleged he made "insulting, humiliating and degrading racial comments" during their 17-month relationship. The lawsuit was dismissed in May 2005.

Maher went on to call out the Republican party, saying, "The GOP now stands for 'Grab Our Pussies.'"

Not all of his jokes went over so well, as Maher's jab at Republicans — "Your nominee for President has a pick-up line for underage girls" — was met with a spattering of murmurs from the audience. He had them laughing again, however, when he slipped back into his Trump impression, saying, "Ridiculous, I would never cheat on my daughter."

Maher also addressed undecided voters during Friday's show, warning that movies always "foresee the future." The comedian pointed to Star Trek's prediction of flip phones; touchscreens in Minority Report; iPads in 2001: A Space Odyssey; black presidents on 24 and Deep Impact; 1976's Network predicting Fox News and reality television; and Forrest Gump, which came out "years before we elected George W. Bush." 

"What scenario has Hollywood been envisioning lately?" the host asked. "Earth after an apocalypse." He went on to list a number of post-apocalyptic recent films, even "little Wall-E."

"If it's between letting these people decide things," Maher said while a picture of Trump supporters was shown onscreen, "or a cold, technocratic boss lady in a pantsuit, I'll take the lady in the pantsuit." 

Watch video from Friday's Real Time below.