Bill Murray Dresses as Liberace for 'Late Show' 20th Anniversary (Video)

Bill Murray, left, and David Letterman

The actor appeared on David Letterman's first episode in 1993.

Bill Murray doesn't mind upstaging someone at their own party.

The comedian made a flamboyant entrance at the 20th anniversary episode of David Letterman's The Late Show on Thursday, Aug. 29. He rolled onto the CBS set decked out as Liberace, complete with furs, a cape and a white Rolls-Royce.

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But he put the pomp aside to pay homage to Letterman.

"I'm only here for one reason," Murray said humbly, pointing at the longtime host.

The appearance had historical significance as Murray appeared on Letterman's first Late Show in 1993, and was also his first guest in 1982, when he was host of NBC Late Night.

Watch the video below, and check back to for a full rundown of Letterman's 20th anniversary episode.