Bill Murray Is the Solution to Your Holiday Gift List

Bill Murray Gifts - H 2015
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Bill Murray Gifts - H 2015

Murray Christmas, everyone.

As you prepare to confront your mammoth of a holiday gift list, you really only have to ask yourself one question: “WWBMD?” (That is, “What would Bill Murray do?”)

Obviously, Bill Murray does not need to buy gifts, as Bill Murray’s presence is the greatest gift of all. The next best thing, therefore, is to simply bless friends, family and awkward “are-we-friendly-enough-to-exchange-gifts” acquaintances with images of his face. Because no one — and we mean no one — dislikes Bill Murray.

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Thankfully, the good people of the Internet have carved out a niche and filled it with kitschy Bill Murray paraphernalia perfect for every unique personality on your list. Let these gift ideas tide you over until Bill Murray's Netflix special, A Very Murray Christmas, premieres on Dec. 4.

1. For your brother who’s proposing to his girlfriend soon:

"Bill You Murray Me?" T-shirt; Etsy, $24.

If she doesn’t say yes to this tee, she doesn’t belong in the family anyway.

2. For your uncle who loves to quote Napoleon:

Throw-Pillow Cover; Society6, $20.

So majestic.

3. For your makeup-junkie friend:

Bill Murray Makeup Bag; Etsy, $28.

Your blush is safe with Bill.

4. For your dad:

Bill Murray Rock Phone Case; The Chivery, $24.

Especially great for those dads who always talk about how much better Woodstock was than Coachella.

5. For your cousin who just joined a frat:

Bill Murray T-shirt; eBay, $17.

College-kid goals: A DGAF attitude and a righteous mustache.

6. For your quirky, Zooey Deschanel-esque friend:

Bill Murray Enamel Pin; Etsy, $11.

To pin on her vintage Bill Blass bag.

7. For that friend who always yells at you for not using a coaster:

Bill Murray Natural Wood Coaster Set; Etsy, $9.

Bill Murray: saving the world from water rings, one coaster at a time.

8. For your grandma:

Ghostbusters Cross-Stitch Pattern; Etsy, $4.

She may not understand the Ghostbusters reference, but at least she'll enjoy making it.

9. For your self-declared "art aficionado" friend:

Bill Murray Art Print; Society6, $15.

No such thing as too much Bill.