Bill Murray Talks Cubs Superstitions, Never Using Netflix at Jimmy Kimmel's Brooklyn Week Kickoff

Bill Murray and Jimmy Kimmel

"I've never seen Netflix in my life, I don't know how to get it," he laughed. "It's unfortunate that I'll never see [my Christmas special]!"

Jimmy Kimmel kicked off his "Back to Brooklyn" week on Monday night with a costumed Bill Murray, who had joined the late-night host at a baseball game the night before.

To Murray's dismay, the New York Mets had beat the Chicago Cubs -- but the Rock the Kasbah actor takes responsibility for the game's final score. At the game, Murray was asked to touch the lineup card for good luck, and he then rubbed it all over his body. "I think we would have won, it's just that I was wearing too many layers," he said on Jimmy Kimmel Live, before also explaining his superstitious seat change.

Additionally, the notoriously tech-shunning creator and star of A Very Murray Christmas has never used Netflix, where the Sofia Coppola-directed special will premiere. "I've never seen Netflix in my life, I don't know how to get it," he laughed to the audience. "It's unfortunate that I'll never see the show!"

He also explained how today's Boston Red Sox fans aren't like they used to be, what after-hours gag he pulled upon first arriving in New York and how Morocco -- where Rock the Kasbah was shot -- is the ideal destination for the cautious yet curious traveler.

Watch the videos below.