Bill Nye Documentary Announced Via Kickstarter Campaign

Comedy Central/Screenshot
Bill Nye

The film follows Nye around the globe on his quest to take on climate change deniers and rally public support for space exploration.

Bill Nye "The Science Guy" is the subject of a new documentary film to be funded by a Kickstarter campaign launched on Monday.

Filmmakers David Alvarado and Jason Sussberg are partnering with Academy Award-winning producer Seth Gordon to create an independent film about Bill Nye, host of PBS' popular '90s show Bill Nye the Science Guy, documenting his life and "his quest to change the world with science," according to the video on the filmmakers' Kickstarter page.

The film follows Nye around the globe while he takes off "'the science guy' costume during his quest to take on climate change deniers and rally public support for space exploration," the filmmakers told The Hollywood Reporter. "There's a hero at the center who needs to vanquish anti-science foes and literally change the world. But the man behind the bow tie is also a human being, with weaknesses and a private life. Hopefully our story will show the complete science guy in an inspiring and entertaining way."

Alvarado and Sussberg launched their Kickstarter campaign with a goal of raising $650,000 by mid-August and are enticing fans to donate money to the project with science-themed incentives including access to behind the scenes images and clips; Nye-themed emojis; historic handwritten notes from the science guy; bow ties; and a private screening ticket, among others.

Both directors told THR that the passion for the project came after they finished their last film, The Immortalists, and were thinking about another science documentary that would reach a larger audience. The longtime fans of Nye said Alvarado ran into the science guy at SXSW: "We wondered what his private experience was, as a person, living a life as a celebrity science educator and advocate."

When asked why they chose to focus on Nye in particular, they said that they watched the man in school growing up, and consider him an icon for their generation with a "really rich story that nobody really knew about. Pair that with this major transformation that he is doing in real time, we knew we had a compelling subject to explore."

While the directors said that the man's show is timeless, 2015 is "Bill Nye 2.0" and despite his being "cautiously excited" about the film, Nye has been ready to film since the idea was pitched to him.

Gordon's producing credits include Freakonomics, The Goldbergs and Marry Me.