Bill Nye, Science Guy, Is Now a Bow Tie Guy

Bill Nye - P 2015
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Fashion and science collide in his new collaboration with Nick Graham.

He may be better known by his moniker, "Bill Nye the Science Guy," but "Bill Nye the Bow Tie Guy" certainly has a nice ring to it as well.

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The educational TV show host/hero — a legend among millennials — is most well-known for three things: his unique means of making science rule, his uber-catchy theme song ("Bill! Bill! Bill!") and his affinity for quirky bow ties of all shapes, sizes, colors and prints. 


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So naturally, his next project is a collaboration with former Joe Boxer exec Nick Graham on a science-y collection of 12 bow ties (periodic table print included) guaranteed to match perfectly with any white lab coat. The unveiling of the Nick Graham x Bill Nye line is timed to the release of Nye's third book about climate change, Unstoppable

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Nye tells Observer that his own collection of bow ties hovers around 400 — but for good reason. "The reason scientists started wearing bow ties is because when you lean over, it doesn’t slip into the soup or flip into the flask or the beaker," he explained. “Now it’s just how we roll.” 

The limited-edition bow ties, priced at $49.50 each, are now available on as well as other scientist hangouts like the American Museum of Natural History's gift shop. Ten percent of the proceeds benefit Nye's foundation, the Planetary Society, which is a nonprofit dedicated to looking for life on other planets. 


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