Soldiers Burn Bill O'Reilly Books in Afghanistan (Video)

An anonymous soldier writes on Tumblr, "Burned the whole lot of them on my Commander's orders."

Bill O'Reilly's book, Pinheads and Patriots: Where You Stand in the Age of Obama, met a fiery end when recently shipped to a group of U.S. soldiers stationed in Afghanistan.

A Tumbler post dated Oct. 17 says 20 of the books were burned on command because they were not needed at the outpost. Everqueer writes, "Some jerk sent us two boxes of this awful book (SPOILER ALERT: George Washington - Patriot; George Soros - Pinhead) instead of anything soldiers at a remote outpost in Afghanistan might need, like, say, food or soap."

The soldier concludes,"Just burned the whole lot of them on my Commander’s orders."

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The blogger later clarified that the Fox News personality's work was not set ablaze because of political reasons, but because they were impractical in combat: "I've read people’s squeamishness about setting books ablaze. I hear you. The motivation behind the order to burn them was not political. As mentioned in the original post, we are in an extraordinarily remote location. We don’t have a post office here, so sending them back wasn’t an option.

"Extra space is scarce and alternatives that a few mentioned, like recycling, are nonexistent. All waste is burned on the base and in town; wood and paper goes in that barrel. I was getting rid of a bunch of cardboard boxes and the books were in the burn pile. There were 20 of them. I saved one for the bookshelf. I’m aware of the historical implications of book-burning. I won’t say I didn’t take pleasure in removing a few copies of this bigoted twerp’s writings from circulation, but the reason for doing so was military necessity."

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Responses to the blog post both supported and rejected the action.

Lonelycoast wrote, "HAHAHAHA! I’m never for burning books but that’s funny. O’Reilly likes to tout sending the troops his books as a greatly appreciated patriotic gift. I’m guessing we won’t here about how grateful these troops were on the “Factor."

Funkin Frink said, "As if the soldiers couldn’t have gained anymore of my respect."

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The-soapbox replied, "Even in a situation like this, I hate the act of book burning. I’m too big a supporter of the first amendment, and I suppose burning a book is a way of expressing yourself, too…but I don’t know…no matter how sh**ty the book is I just can’t make myself be okay with it—even if it were bibles ;)

O’Reilly is a supporter of Operation Shoebox, which sends care packages to soldiers overseas.

The video below, first uncovered by Gawker, shows copies of Pinheads and Patriots being included in Operation Shoebox packages.