Bill O'Reilly Continues Gay Marriage Reversal, Shouts Out Dennis Rodman (Video)

The Fox News host spoke with THR at its 35 Most Powerful People in Media party on Wednesday, where he also addressed North Korea and joked about sending Dennis Rodman back to the country.

Bill O'Reilly made headlines late last month when he seemed to have softened his long opposition to same sex marriage. Speaking with THR at the annual 35 Most Powerful People in Media Party -- where he was honored as one of the major players -- the Fox News host and best selling author doubled down on his sudden change of heart.

"I think they should leave it to the states," he said. "I don't think the federal government should impose it on anybody. Let the states decide the issue."

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Pressed as to whether that meant he would be okay with the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act -- the federal statute that defines marriage between a man and a woman, and the issue at play in one of the Supreme Court cases -- he leaned toward saying yes.

"I don't really feel one way or the other about it," O'Reilly remarked. "I think it's a symbolic act, so whatever they want to do there in Congress, fine."

Frankly, O'Reilly is less concerned with civil rights than he is with matters of war and peace.

"I'm more interested in saving the country from bankruptcy and keeping us out of a crazy war with North Korea," the host explained. "I'm going to send Dennis Rodman over there to calm the guy down, slap him around," he joked, alluding to the NBA Hall of Famer's recent trip/stunt to meet with dictator Kim Jong-Un. Who else would you want, in a period of crisis for America, than Dennis Rodman?"