Bill O'Reilly Won't Be Appearing on CNN After All

Bill O'Reilly - It's Rockin The Boat - A Benefit Concert -Getty-H 2017
Desiree Navarro/WireImage

The former Fox News anchor was supposed to be interviewed on Michael Smerconish's show this weekend.

In an Aug. 9 edition of his daily online show, former Fox News anchor Bill O'Reilly interviewed his "old pal" Michael Smerconish and said that he'd be appearing on Smerconish's show in September to discuss his new book, Killing England.

The announcement made news because Smerconish's show happens to be on CNN, a network O'Reilly has a history of criticizing, and one on which he's never appeared.

"I'm going to do your program in September, after the book comes out," O'Reilly told him during the August appearance. "I'll see you on CNN in September."

But that's not happening anymore, Smerconish revealed on the Thursday morning edition of his Sirius XM radio show, The Michael Smerconish Program

"Bill O'Reilly called me yesterday, and although complimentary toward me personally, regarding me as a straight shooter and so on and so forth, said that because of his history with my network, he just wasn't comfortable in coming on, at least not at this time," Smerconish said.

He continued: "Which disappoints me, because I think we'd have had a good conversation. Needless to say, there's a lot of ground that I would have liked to have covered with him. But that's not going to happen, at least not now."

O'Reilly was tentatively scheduled for Smerconish's 9 a.m. CNN show this coming Saturday. Bob Costas will appear instead.

O'Reilly has been all over the television landscape in the last few weeks promoting his new book, the latest in his Killing series. He returned to his former employer, Fox News, on Tuesday night, appearing with one-time foe Sean Hannity and even sat for a surprise grilling by Matt Lauer on the Today show last week.

Smerconish also opined on O'Reilly's Fox News appearance during his show. "I'm not surprised that Bill O'Reilly got numbers for Sean Hannity. I'm surprised that Rupert Murdoch and sons allowed Sean Hannity to put O'Reilly on the network so quickly after his departure," he said.