Bill Shine's Massive Fox News Severance Package Revealed

Bill Shine - THR 35 Powerful People in Media Party - H 2017
Taylor Hill/FilmMagic/Getty Images

The White House communications chief got an $8.4 million package and will receive $3.5 million from 21st Century Fox this year and next.

Bill Shine received an $8.4 million severance package upon leaving his post as co-president of Fox News Channel in May 2017, according to a financial disclosure form he filed upon entering Donald Trump's White House as deputy chief of staff for communications. The document was released Friday to The Hollywood Reporter.

Shine, who officially began working in the White House on July 5, will also receive a bonus and options of about $3.5 million from 21st Century Fox both this year and next year.

That means that Shine will be paid simultaneously by both the White House and the parent company of Fox News, a network that has had close ties to the Trump administration. The severance agreement expires on May 1, 2019.

Shine signed his financial disclosure form on Oct. 9, after receiving a 68-day extension. According to a background briefing given at the White House in the spring of 2017, new hires have 30 days to complete the financial disclosure form, though they are entitled to two 45-day extensions.

Shine, who joined Fox News in 1996, received a $1,460,000 salary from the company, according to the form.

According to the form, Shine has stock in the following companies: Amazon, Apple, Comcast, Google, Discovery, Disney, Facebook, Microsoft and Netflix.

Shine has no "liabilities," according to the form.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders did not respond when asked in October why Shine's form had not been filed. In the March 2017 briefing, a "senior administration official" had told reporters that "very few" White House employees had requested extensions.

Shine's form was released after that of acting attorney general Matt Whitaker, who was only named to the post earlier this month.