Bill Simmons' The Ringer to Launch 'Halloween' Podcast (Exclusive)

Courtesy of Photofest
'Halloween' (1978)

The new show will explore the making of John Carpenter's 1978 horror classic.

Halloween season is officially here, and so is a new podcast from Bill Simmons' The Ringer.

Halloween: Unmasked, the first serialized podcast from The Ringer, will explore the making of John Carpenter's 1978 horror classic Halloween. It will be available Oct. 1 on all platforms.

Hosted by MTV News and The Washington Post journalist Amy Nicholson, Halloween: Unmasked will feature interviews with some of the original Halloween filmmakers, as well as critics and fans, to provide a deeper look into the film and its legacy on the horror genre. Additionally, the podcast will preview the franchise's upcoming reboot of the same name, directed by David Gordon Green and starring original castmember Jamie Lee Curtis. 

The eight-episode series will delve into specific elements that made up the original slasher pic, including production details, Carpenter's musical score and the long-lasting effects of the mask, which is still recognized and worn decades later by many on Oct. 31 each year. 

In addition to spotlighting the franchise's newest installment, which is set to hit theaters Oct. 19, the podcast also covers earlier sequels, like Halloween II and Halloween H20: 20 Years Later, as well as unaffiliated imitators who took inspiration from genre staples the original helped mold.  

Halloween: Unmasked joins a roster of 26 podcasts on The Ringer Podcast Network, which includes the flagship Bill Simmons Podcast and other sports- and entertainment-centric shows such as The Watch, The Dave Chang Show, Larry Wilmore: Black on the Air and Binge Mode. The Ringer says its podcasts have received more than 32 million downloads per month.