Bill Simmons' The Ringer to Produce Daily Podcast for Spotify (Exclusive)

THR Bill Simmons_0319_FeatureSplash-Simmons - H 2016
Austin Hargrave

THR Bill Simmons_0319_FeatureSplash-Simmons - H 2016

'The Ringer's Hottest Take' will be released weekdays and feature appearances from the media company's roster of podcast hosts.

Bill Simmons' The Ringer is getting into the daily podcast game through a deal with Spotify. 

The media company is producing a weekday show, The Ringer's Hottest Take, as a Spotify original. Each 7-to-10 minute episode will feature Simmons and the staff at The Ringer breaking down a controversial opinion from the worlds of sports, movies, television, food, music or the Internet. 

In addition to Simmons, hosts will include Binge Mode's Jason Concepcion and Mallory Rubin, House of Carbs' Joe House, The Watch's Chris Ryan, The Big Picture's Sean Fennessey and Bachelor Party's Juliet Litman. 

Hottest Take marks The Ringer's first Spotify exclusive and follows the company's earlier deal with Luminary to release The Rewatchables 1999 exclusively via the subscription service. 

The show marks the latest in a growing slate of Spotify originals, including The Joe Budden Podcast, Jemele Hill Is Unbothered and the forthcoming I'm Gonna Be Kevin Bacon. Spotify also struck an expansive deal for original shows from Barack and Michelle Obama's Higher Ground. The music streaming service has spent around $400 million to acquire audio startups Gimlet Media, Parcast and Anchor in its push into the podcast space. 

The Ringer's Hottest Take will launch Sept. 16 on Spotify. Listen to the trailer below.