Bill Simmons Apologizes for "Being a Jackass" in THR Interview

THR Bill Simmons_0617 - H 2016
Austin Hargrave

THR Bill Simmons_0617 - H 2016

"They meant a lot to me and still do," Simmons says of his former ESPN colleagues.

Bill Simmons issued an apology Wednesday afternoon about an interview he gave The Hollywood Reporter for the most recent cover story.

Simmons, who has an upcoming sports talk show on HBO, said in the apology that he is not good at being interviewed, which is why he came off as callous concerning his time at ESPN, which was almost 15 years.

In the cover story, Simmons told THR TV editor Lacey Rose that ESPN felt "like high school," along with some other disparaging remarks concerning his former employer, with whom he had a bitter parting.

"They've [ESPN] now gotten rid of everybody who is a little off the beaten path. Ask yourself this: 'Who would work there that you respect right now?'" Simmons said in the story. 

Wednesday afternoon, Simmons said reading those comments made him "feel bad." 

"My apologies for being a jackass," Simmons wrote in the post, along with the names of numerous people, both in front of and behind the camera, who he said were instrumental in his success at the sports network. 


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