Billboard, Ticketmaster link for online sales

Tickets available through magazine's chart, artist pages

Billboard and Ticketmaster have teamed to offer visitors direct access to thousands of live music events across all genres.

Links to ticket sales are now available on all chart and artist pages throughout, and ticketing options include direct sales through Ticketmaster and TicketsNow, Ticketmaster's online resale domain, in the United States.

"Billboard is uniquely qualified to provide consumers with credible chart data, authoritative music analysis and access to both popular and up-and-coming artists," Billboard publisher Howard Appelbaum said. "By aligning with Ticketmaster we hope to greatly enhance the music experience for the audience, for they are now given the opportunity to enjoy their favorite artists online as well as in person via an incredible inventory of tickets to live music events available through both the primary and resale channels."

Said Ticketmaster president Eric Korman: "Our partnership with Billboard creates the ideal fan-friendly Web environment, from music discovery through to the live experience. Ticketmaster will provide seamless online access to live entertainment events for the eager and dedicated audience at"
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