Billie Joe Armstrong Talks New Music Project With Paul Rudd in 'This Is 40' Deleted Scene (Video)

This Is 40 Deleted Scene Billie Joe Armstong - H 2012

This Is 40 Deleted Scene Billie Joe Armstong - H 2012

The Green Day frontman plays a fictional version of himself who wants to create a side project that blends Norwegian death metal with Belle & Sebastian-style music.

In a This Is 40 deleted scene, Billie Joe Armstrong cameos as a fictional version of himself who meets with Pete (Paul Rudd), owner of a small record label, to chat about a music project that won't sound anything like his veteran pop-punk band Green Day. 

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Needless to say, Pete doesn't seem particularly enthusiastic when he hears Armstrong's proposal. 

"Have you heard about Norwegian death metal? ... I thought about taking that and mixing it with Belle & Sebastian," explains the singer about his new project. "It's sort of music you can maybe cry to but burn a church down at the same time."

Armstrong elaborates in the deleted scene that he doesn't want Green Day to have any affiliation with the project, he doesn't want to have his name attached and won't perform the music live.  

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"My biggest frustration about my career is that I actually sell too many records," says Armstrong's character. "So I'm trying to change that by doing this side project."

During his tenure as Green Day's frontman, Armstrong has had numerous side projects that have released albums,  including Foxboro Hot Tubs.

Plenty of other familiar faces cameo in the Judd Apatow-directed comedy, including singer-songwriter Ryan Adams