Billy Bob Thornton's Daughter Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison

Amanda Brumfield, Billy Bob Thorton - SPLIT
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Amanda Brumfield was convicted of manslaughter for the 2008 death of a friend's baby girl in June.

The eldest of Billy Bob Thronton's five children, Amanda Brumfield, has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for the 2008 death of a one-year-old child in her care.

Brumfield was convicted of manslaughter earlier this year and on Thursday was sent behind bars for the next two decades of her life. The sentence fell three years to the day after the child's funeral, notes the Orlando Sentinal.

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Brumfield, 32, was found not guilty of first-degree murder and aggravated child abuse in the case in which Olivia Madison Garcia fell out of her playpen while under Brumfield's care in October 2008.

The prosecution made the case that it was "impossible" that a fall from the short height could result in the three-and-a-half inch fracture in the back of the child's skull which led to bleeding, swelling in her brain, and her death. They argued the fall aggravated a prior injury.

Brumfield -- Thornton's daughter from his first marriage to Melissa Parish -- is estranged from her famous father. After her initial arrest for the crime, Thornton's publicist Arnold Robinson told CNN that the Bad Santa and Sling Blade star "has had no contact with her for quite some time." He added, "When informed about this situation, he [Billy Bob] commented that, 'Anytime a baby's life is lost is an unimaginable tragedy and my heart goes out to the baby's family and loved ones.' "

Brumfield was the dead child's godmother, according to the Sentinal, which also reported that when asked by the judge if she had anything to say, Brumfield blurted a single sentence before crying: "I miss Olivia just as much as anybody does."

Brumfield was also ordered to pay $10,000 in court costs.