Billy Bob Thornton: Why I Took a Break From Acting

"Faster" co-star says he's been concentrating on another passion for the past two years.

It's been two years since Billy Bob Thornton appeared in a big-budget movie, but the Faster co-star says he's been plenty busy during that time.

The actor says he's mostly been touring and recording with his country rock/rockabilly band, the Boxmasters.

"The last movie was Eagle Eye, and then we decided to hit the road," Thornton told Reuters. "Then I did Faster. With the economy, they aren't making as many movies, so when you see a good one you got to grab it, and Faster was that."
In the movie, which opened Wednesday, Thornton plays a cop who, only days from retirement, is assigned to track down a vengeance-seeking killer, played by Dwayne Johnson. [Read THR's review of the movie here.]
"The great thing about every character in [it], pretty much, there's sort of an ambiguity to all of them, and I always like characters like that," he said. "I don't know that there are any good guys or bad buys, everybody in it's got a pretty heavy past."
As for his band, the Boxmasters are set to release a fourth record, Bellflower, in early 2011. The two-CD set contains on disc of original songs and another of covers, according to the actor's official website.