Billy Crystal on Why 'When Harry Met Sally' Has Stood the Test of Time

"It’s an amazing movie," Crystal told The Hollywood Reporter after immortalizing his hand and footprints in cement in front of the iconic TCL Chinese Theatre on Friday.

Just hours after his big night in Hollywood, kicking off the 10th annual TCM Classic Film Festival with Meg Ryan for the 30th anniversary of When Harry Met Sally, Billy Crystal returned to the TCL Chinese Theatre on Friday to immortalize his hand and footprints in cement in front of the iconic theater.

Longtime fans, media outlets, friends and family packed the entrance of the theater where When Harry Met Sally director Rob Reiner introduced the longtime friend to the crowd. The actor thanked his colleagues over the years, with a special shout-out to his wife of almost 50 years, Janice Crystal.

"She is the strength and she is the humor. She grounds me, she keeps me in line, she also has been every co-star in every film I’ve ever done. She reads lines with me as I’m getting ready. So, she has been Sally, she has been Curly, she was actually Hamlet, but she’s also just been Janice and that is the joy of my life."

After the event, The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Crystal to discuss the 30th anniversary of When Harry Met Sally and why the film has stood the test of time, with the actor saying, “because it’s the truth.”

He continued: "It’s an amazing movie, I have to say, because there’s no plot. In typical romantic comedies, they go through so much: they’re adversity, he had to move, he got drafted, he’s in the Army, he came back, they found each other again — no. The obstacle in this movie is themselves."

Reiner also spoke to THR about the classic romantic comedy, saying, "What works about it is that the dance, it’s really all about the dance, about what happens to two people, men and women, and what they go through, and I don’t think it’s changed much. I mean, the dating apps and all that stuff, but the basic dynamic between men and women hasn’t changed, and I think that’s what people hook onto."

Watch the video above to hear Crystal spill details on upcoming Monster, Inc. TV series, Monsters at Work, coming to Disney+ in 2020.