Billy Eichner Accuses Ross Mathews of Ripping Off 'Billy on the Street'

Larry Busacca/Getty Images; Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagic
Billy Eichner (left) and Ross Mathews

The two show hosts are embroiled in a Twitter feud over a CapitalOne commercial in which Mathews quizzes pedestrians with a trivia game. Eichner tweeted of the video, "I usually ignore but this one is SHAMELESS and PATHETIC."

Billy Eichner and Ross Mathews traded insults Friday on Twitter over a CapitalOne commercial starring Mathews that bears similarities to Eichner's Billy on the Street.

Eichner called out both CapitalOne and Mathews in a tweet, calling the commercial yet another "ripoff" of his truTV show. "I usually ignore but this one is SHAMELESS and PATHETIC. (And not funny)," he wrote. Another follow-up tweet read, "Don't steal from my f—ing show. This is stolen intellectual property. F— YOU."

In the spot, Mathews plays a trivia game with pedestrians about CapitalOne's credit card options, Quicksilver and Venture. The talk-show host took to Twitter himself to address Eichner's accusations, writing in response: "I've been doing man on the street interviews since 2001. I've never even seen your stuff. Bless your heart."

Mathews also tweeted, "I came before you. I agree you're funnier, but you're also a dick."

See Eichner and Mathews' Twitter exchange below.