Chris Evans Joins Billy Eichner to Celebrate 15 Years of 'Billy on the Street'

Billy Eichner and Chris Evans - SPLIT -GETTY -H 2019
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images; John Lamparski/Getty Images

Paul Rudd also made a surprise appearance in the latest episode.

Chris Evans and Billy Eichner took to the streets of New York to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Billy on the Street.

The segment opened with Eichner announcing the show's milestone. "And yes, I still miraculously have a thriving career, even though your straight older brother Justin doesn't get me," he said.

The men first approached a woman on the phone to tell her about the show's achievement. After Eichner told her to watch the series on Netflix, he shared that Evans stars in the upcoming movie Knives Out. "Ooh, I don't like the title," she responded.

Eichner next approached a woman and asked if she had seen Evans in the Captain America movies. She admitted that she was unfamiliar with the Avengers films, though the woman promised to watch all of his movies. When Eichner questioned if she would really watch all of the films in one sitting, she responded, "Why not?" Eichner replied, "Well, Martin Scorsese would say something, but I won't."

While the men moved on to talk to a woman that was excited to meet Evans, the previous woman interrupted the conversation and tried to take a selfie with the actor. "Your moment's over," Eichner shouted as he pushed her away.

Eichner later asked a man if he would sign a petition "to remove Kevin Spacey from homosexuality and add Chris Evans," which he agreed to do.

Another pedestrian wasn't excited to meet Evans until Eichner informed him that he played Captain America, while one woman made a confused face at Eichner when he told her that Billy on the Street is now on Netflix.

Eichner next asked a passerby if Evans had impacted his life, to which he replied no. "Do you want to make a difference in my life?" the man asked the actor. Evans responded, "I'll do my best." Eichner then interrupted the moment to share his Netflix news, though the man asked if the show would remain on the streamer once Disney+ debuts. "Give me a hundred bucks. I'll take these episodes to Disney+ right now," said Eichner. He then turned to the camera and screamed, "I have no allegiance!"

Paul Rudd later made a surprise appearance and joined Eichner and Evans on the street. "Ant-Man. Captain America. I don't watch those bullshit movies," said the host.

Eichner next approached a woman to ask if she would rather have sex with Rudd or Evans. She responded, "Paul Rudd, for sure." She then cited Rudd's youthful appearance as to why she wanted to sleep with him. As Rudd began to talk to the woman, Eichner pushed Evans out of the way and told him to leave. "Let the pretty people talk," he shouted.

Following Rudd's cameo, Evans and Eichner were joined by the actor's "worst nightmare — a bunch of lesbians that don't care that he's hot." Eichner shouted, "Let's go, lesbians. Let's go!" as the group ran on the street.

The segment concluded with Eichner asking a woman if Regina King should take his place when he eventually steps down as host of Billy on the Street. When she said no, Evans and a number of members of the running group agreed that King was not the right choice for his replacement.

Watch the full segment below.