Billy Eichner Says Nearly "No One Would Talk to" Sean Spicer at Emmys

There was one young actor who did approach the former White House press secretary, Eichner revealed on 'Conan' on Tuesday night.

Less than three weeks after Sean Spicer's surprise Emmys appearance, Billy Eichner revealed that backstage at the awards show no one would talk to the former White House press secretary.

"I'm in the greenroom backstage, and Sean Spicer walks in," Eichner said on Conan on Tuesday night. "He walked into the greenroom, which is where all the actors hang out, and I'm standing there with Jim Parsons, who is getting ready to go on, and no one would talk to Sean Spicer."

Well, there was one young star who spoke with the former White House press secretary, Eichner admitted.

"The only person who would talk to him, not kidding, is Young Sheldon [actor Iain Armitage] from The Big Bang Theory spinoff. I'm not kidding," the American Horror Story: Cult star revealed.

Eichner described the moment the 9-year-old approached him and Parsons.

"Even Young Sheldon comes up to me and Jim Parsons and says, 'Is that the real Sean Spicer?' Even Young Sheldon thought it might've been Melissa McCarthy. He was very confused," Eichner explained. Melissa McCarthy won an Emmy for her work on Saturday Night Live, in part for her portrayal of Spicer.

When they told him it was the real Sean Spicer, Eichner joked, "Even Young Sheldon rolled his eyes and said, 'Oh shit.' Young Sheldon has seen it all."

Despite Eichner's account of Spicer's reception in the greenroom, The Hollywood Reporter spotted Spicer in the Microsoft Theater lobby after his Emmy appearance, posing for pictures and surrounded by well-wishers.

Speaking to THR of his surprise appearance, Spicer admitted that he felt honored to be invited. "It's an honor. I have a lot of respect for folks who do what they do in film and on television, so it's a real honor to be invited."

The controversial speaker told THR that he was unfazed by the potential negative reactions about his appearance. "I was more worried about the logistical reactions," he said. "I've never wheeled a podium before. The one I'm used to is pretty stationary."