Billy Eichner and Tiffany Haddish Recruit Diverse Witches for Fake 'Hocus Pocus' Remake

Billy on the Street’s WITCH HUNT with TIFFANY HADDISH! - Screen shot -H 2018

The two wandered around New York City in search of a third witch for a fictional remake of the 1993 Halloween film 'Hocus Pocus.'

Tiffany Haddish joined Billy Eichner for the latest edition of Billy on the Street, which debuted Wednesday.

After Eichner introduced himself as gay and Haddish stated that she's black, the host said, "It's a new day in Hollywood where diversity is finally being celebrated." He explained that the two would roam around New York City in search of a third witch to star in their fake, yet more inclusive, remake of Hocus Pocus.

The 1993 Halloween film starred Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy as the Sanderson sisters.

"Tiffany and I are gonna play two of the three main witches and we're about the hit the streets to find someone to play the third witch to round out our more diverse cast," he explained.

Eichner first approached a man on the street and asked if he is straight and white. When the man confirmed his race and sexuality, Eichner responded, "Oh, no" and walked away.

"We need Asian witches," he said as he approached two pedestrians on the street. When one of the women revealed that she was from China, Eichner responded, "I love a Chinese witch." She then said that she's a lesbian. "Yes, yes! Chinese lesbian witch," cheered Eichner. He then embraced the two in a hug,

Haddish and Eichner then approached a woman from Brazil. The actress broke into a dance to show her excitement that they found a diverse woman to potentially join their cast for the fake project. When the woman seemed reluctant to agree to the fake project, Haddish responded, "We're gonna make a movie. It's gonna make a hundred million dollars."

"Oh, sir. I'm gay. She's black. What do you bring to the table?" Eichner asked another unsuspecting pedestrian. "I have no idea. I'm from Colombia," he answered. Eichner and Haddish then exclaimed that he would be perfect for the role. "We need a little flavor in our remake of Hocus Pocus," said Eichner. "You definitely have more flavor than Kathy Najimy. I'll tell you that much."

When Eichner asked the man if he would be willing to play a witch in the fake film, he responded, "I have no idea what that is."

As a woman tried to exit the building they were standing in front of, Eichner ran off and shouted, "This white woman has no time for our more inclusive Hocus Pocus."

A montage followed of Eichner abruptly running up to people on the street and yelling, "Wokus Pocus" in their faces.

The two asked a man if he was interested in being in the film. When the man agreed, Eichner asked him if he was straight. After the man stated that he is bisexual, Eichner exclaimed, "Yes! A bisexual witch!"

The host took a break from recruiting diverse witches to shove pedestrians out of the way to make room for Haddish. "Her profile is growing. Please step aside. Miss Tiffany Haddish's profile is growing. It's growing," he said as he continued to clear the path for Haddish.

The two later approached a woman on the street who acknowledged Haddish by shouting, "She ready!" After Eichner explained their plan to make a more inclusive Hocus Pocus, the woman said that she was excited for the project. He then asked if she believes America is ready for the more diverse film. "They ain't ready, but they better get ready," she answered.

The clip concluded with Eichner and frequent Billy on the Street contestant Elena urging viewers to vote in the midterm elections Nov. 6.

Watch the full clip below.