Billy Joel Wears Yellow Star of David at Concert After Charlottesville

Billy Joel August 21 2017 Concert - Getty - H 2017
Myrna M. Suarez/Getty Images

He sported the symbol on the front and back of his jacket during an encore at Madison Square Garden.

New York native Billy Joel made a powerful political statement Monday night when he donned a yellow Star of David on his lapel and the back of his jacket during the encore of his concert at New York's Madison Square Garden.

While the singer previously told Rolling Stone back in June that he prefers to stay away from political commentary, it seems Joel has changed his mind. In Nazi Germany, Jews were forced to wear a yellow Star of David on their outer clothing to help public officials and private, non-Jewish citizens, identify who was "Juden" and who was not. Jews wore these stars prior and post "kristallnacht," or "the night of broken glass," which marked the beginning of Nazi concentration camps and Hitler's extermination of 6 million Jews.

Joel wearing the symbol comes less than a week after the deadly white-nationalist protest in Charlottesville, Va., which left three dead, and Donald Trump's controversial remarks following the incident.

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