Billy Ray Cyrus: Hannah Montana 'Didn't Tear My Family Apart'


Miley Cyrus' dad backtracks on his original statements against Disney -- and announces he's called off his divorce from wife Tish.

Billy Ray Cyrus said Thursday that he has decided not to move forward with a divorce from his wife, Tish.

The couple, parents to Miley Cyrus and her four siblings, said in an interview airing Friday on ABC's The View that he has "dropped the divorce," according to published reports.

"I wanted to put my family back together," he said.

The couple announced plans to end their 17-year marriage in October.

He also said he has made amends with daughter Miley after a recent rough patch and contradicted earlier statements he made blaming the Disney Channel series Hannah Montana, which he starred in with Miley Cyrus, for "destroying my family."

"I love Hannah Montana. I love Disney. That didn't tear my family apart," Cyrus said. "Now fame, fame is a different animal, you've got to be careful with that thing because it can ... all things considered, hey, it's all good."