Billy Eichner, Shocked NYC Strangers Welcome Back Jonas Brothers

Funny Or Die - Billy Eichner - Jonas Brothers- Publicity-H 2019
Courtesy of Funny Or Die

People reacted to the news of the recently reunited band with screams, curses and, in some cases, nonchalance.

Billy Eichner announced to New York City strangers that the Jonas Brothers are back following a six-year break during the latest edition of Billy on the Street.

"The measles are back and so are the Jonas Brothers," the host proclaimed as he and the band ran around the streets of New York City.

When the band and host stopped their first pedestrian, the older woman asked if they were actually the Jonas Brothers or just look-alikes. When she said that the band should aim for another hit record, Eichner told the woman that they already achieved one with their song "Sucker." She responded, "I wish it had another name."

Eichner next approached a man who was texting. After Eichner announced that he was with the band, the man responded, "No fucking way." While the man originally seemed star struck, he later admitted that he didn't listen to their music.

The next pedestrian the group stopped revealed that she saw the band in concert when she was in middle school. "What a great story," Eichner sarcastically said before he abruptly walked away.

Another woman scared the band when she told them that she had already heard their new album. When they said that it hadn't come out yet, she replied, "The song. Or maybe it was leaked. I don’t know." The band groaned and Eichner shouted, "It's been leaked!"

While some fans were too nervous to carry on a conversation, one woman asked Nick how his wedding to Priyanka Chopra was. Eichner told the woman that Joe had also recently gotten married to Sophie Turner, though the woman hinted that she was more interested in Nick's nuptials. "But not me! I'm still single," Eichner shouted as he stormed away.

After the band members high-fived a man on the street, the group approached two women, who screamed from excitement as they met the band.

The women revealed that their favorite Jonas Brother was Nick, which led Kevin and Joe to walk away. One of the women said, "I got love for you, too, Joe." Upset for the eldest bandmember, Eichner shouted, "Kevin! What about Kevin?!"

The segment concluded with a montage of Eichner abruptly running up to pedestrians and announcing the band's return. While some people were shocked to see the band, others didn't care. "The Jonas Brothers are back," Eichner yelled. "It's gonna be an amazing summer."

Watch the full video below.