Mariah Carey and Billy Eichner Spread Holiday Cheer on 'Billy on the Street'

The "Queen of Christmas" and "Hanukkah Goblin" quizzed New Yorkers about festive song lyrics on the latest episode of the show.

Billy Eichner and Mariah Carey took to the streets of New York to spread holiday cheer on the latest episode of Billy on the Street.

After Eichner introduced himself as the "Hanukkah Goblin" and Carey as the "Queen of Christmas," the two approached a man and asked if he thought Carey should record a Hanukkah song. When the man agreed, Eichner asked him to finish the lyrics to "I Have a Little Dreidel."  The pedestrian incorrectly finished the lyrics, though Carey awarded him with a menorah anyway. Eichner took back the prize and marched away. "Don't fuck with Mariah's Hanukkah lyrics, babe," he shouted as he stormed off.

Eichner and Carey next approached a starstruck pedestrian. He said that Carey wrote her hit song "All I Want for Christmas Is You" in an hour, though the singer said it was "maybe an hour and a half." Eichner shouted, "It took 90 minutes, but there were bathroom breaks!"

The two later talked to tourists from Sweden. Carey briefly spoke in their native language, which impressed Eichner. "Meryl Streep over here with the accents and the languages," he exclaimed.

The host asked a man if he had been naughty or nice this year and he responded, "A little bit of both." Carey replied, "That's standard."

Eichner and Carey later challenged another pedestrian to finish the lyrics to "We Wish You A Merry Christmas." After the woman correctly completed the lyrics, Carey gave her a mini Christmas tree with the Glitter soundtrack as the star. Eichner then pointed out Carey's butterfly rings and whispered into the pedestrian's ear, "She won't shut up about the fucking butterflies."

The two also tried to get various pedestrians to kiss underneath mistletoe. As he set off to find someone for one woman to kiss, Eichner announced, "We're bringing straight people back," though the woman revealed that she's a lesbian. He responded, "Goddamn it! Lesbians again!"

Near the end of the episode, disaster struck when a tree Eichner was carrying broke in half. "Christmas is ruined," he shouted. Carey replied that they wouldn't let the broken tree ruin the holiday season and that she would help put it back together.

"This is what happens when a Jew tries to celebrate Christmas," he said, as Carey took the broken tree from him.

While Carey admitted that she usually doesn't "use this type of tree," she decided to turn it into a "Charlie Brown Christmas tree type of thing" and make it two trees. She added, "It's kind of a Hanukkah bush."

Eichner wanted to take the tree with them, though Carey suggested that they leave it on the street. "I think it's a piece of art," she said.

"Happy Hanukkah, New York," Eichner said. "Jews, thank me later!"

Watch the full segment below.