Billy Eichner Tricks New Yorkers Into Thinking Kate McKinnon Is Reese Witherspoon

Only two pedestrians seemed to catch on to the 'Billy on the Street' bit.

Kate McKinnon was the latest star to join Billy Eichner's Billy on the Street, though the comedian took on a character and played Reese Witherspoon during the appearance, trying to trick New Yorkers into thinking she was the Big Little Lies star.

The first woman that Eichner and McKinnon approached believed that the Saturday Night Live star was actually Witherspoon. After the pedestrian revealed that she had not seen HBO's Big Little Lies, she noted that she was familiar with the film Legally Blonde. "You're awesome," she told McKinnon.

Eichner asked the woman if she wanted any advice from McKinnon's Witherspoon and she said, "What's the meaning of life?"

"I think be yourself and just love who you love," said McKinnon with a slight Southern accent.

The host next approached two women by asking if they thought Laura Dern had "big dick energy." When one of the women said that she did, Eichner asked McKinnon what she thought. "The hugest," she responded.

Eichner then asked McKinnon's Witherspoon to explain what it was like working with Dern on Big Little Lies. "I hate to say this, but we were laughing the entire time," she said. "We did pranks. Laura Dern does the best pranks."

McKinnon's Witherspoon soon ran into a man on the street, who told her that they previously met at the premiere of Home Again, which Witherspoon starred in. "Oh, my gosh, I remember you," said McKinnon as she gave the stranger a hug.

After the man said that she was "spectacular" in the film, he invited her to dinner at his house the next time she would be in town.

Eichner approached another man on the street by asking if he would vote for Witherspoon. "I would vote for you. I would tell my senators to vote for you," he said. "We need somebody with a brain."

Only two pedestrians seemed to catch on to the fact that McKinnon was not Witherspoon. After Eichner asked one woman if she thought that Witherspoon was grateful for the freedom of speech, the New Yorker responded, "Well, this is Kate McKinnon."

Another man on the street said that McKinnon was "the bomb," though Eichner insisted that she was Witherspoon. "Yeah, right," said the man before he walked away.

Witherspoon herself eventually weighed in and shared the video on her social media, "This is so fun @billyeichner! It’s almost like I was there," she wrote with a smiling emoji.

Watch the full episode below.