Birns & Sawyer to Auction Off Film Cameras

The move underscores industry shift to digital cinematography.

North Hollywood-based camera rental business Birns & Sawyer will auction off its 16 and 35 mm film camera inventory on Oct. 19, underscoring the industry-wide shift from film toward digital technology.

“People are not renting film cameras in sufficient numbers to justify retaining the assets,” said Birns & Sawyer owner William Meurer.

“Our focus remains on providing the best cameras and support equipment at a competitive price--that hasn’t changed,” he said. The company’s inventory includes such digital cinematography cameras as the ARRI Alexa, Red Mysterium X, Sony F3, Canon 5D and 7D DSLR, and Panasonic AF100 and P2 camcorders.

Birns & Sawyer opened in 1954 and began offering digital cinematography cameras in 2000.