New discovery

Digital media company TurnHere Prods. is producing short videos for Discovery Mobile, the 24-hour mobile programming network of Discovery Communications Inc. that launched last month. The company's online video library includes short films featuring neighborhoods, merchants and travel destinations. For Discovery Mobile, it will produce several series of three-minute videos, with the first featuring 24 segments about destination landmarks around the world.

Camcorder upload

Pure Digital has introduced a new point-and-shoot camera that through the company's relationships with Google Video and Grouper Networks allows users to share video on the Web. With the pocket-size camcorder, consumers can shoot video and upload it directly to sharing Web sites Google Video or Grouper Networks via on-board software. The software also provides the capability for one-step e-mailing, sharing video greeting cards and custom-edited movie mixes. The camcorder will be available in retail outlets next month.

Internet addiction

According to a study from researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine, more than one in eight respondents showed signs of "problematic Internet use." The telephone survey revealed that nearly 14% of those surveyed find it difficult to stay away from the Internet for several days and a little more than 12% often remain online longer than expected. Based on the research, the average Internet addict was a college-educated white male in his 30s who logged about 30 hours of nonessential Internet use per week in visiting a wide range of sites, including pornography and gambling destinations as well as chat rooms and shopping sites. The research showed similarities between alcoholism and Internet addiction in that users often hide their Web surfing and use it to self-medicate.