a youtube discovery

Discovery Communications has become the latest content partner at YouTube, launching nine channels including several localized international versions. Discovery also will attempt program development via YouTube, with the new episode of Discovery Channel's "Mythbusters" inviting users to submit ideas that will be used in an upcoming special.

ProSieben slides

Shares in ProSieben- Sat.1 fell more than 6% on Wednesday after the European broadcasting giant confirmed that it will not meet its year-end targets. Blaming weak performance and "poor visibility" in its core German market, ProSieben expects to book recurring EBITDA profits of €670 million-€700 million ($986 million-$1 billion).


Mark McKinnon and Mike McCurry are co-chairing a new digital media advocacy group made up of technology and content giants. Arts+Labs' goals are to "ensure that all consumers can safely choose from a vast array of digital products, entertainment and services" and that content creators earn fair compensation. McCurry is the former White House press secretary to President Clinton. McKinnon, a former songwriter and newspaper editor, has served as chief media adviser to the presidential campaigns of George W. Bush and John McCain.