Biz aside, Diller casts his ballot for Obama


Barry Diller said Wednesday that he will vote for Barack Obama even though John McCain would be better for his business.

Speaking at the Cable & Satellite Broadcasting Association of Asia Convention, the IAC/InterActiveCorp chairman and CEO said he considers each candidate a friend and has supported both campaigns because he believes a change from the current administration will be "only for the better."

"We've had a very long period of over-expansion, so contraction in that respect is healthy," Diller said of the shifting economic landscape. "Institutions now can move so much faster, so there has been a softer landing than other times."

Diller added that he believes China will replace the U.S. as the world's biggest media market and implied that he is looking to expand into the region.

The former chairman of Paramount and Fox also criticized the U.S. film industry for a lack of diversity. (partialdiff)
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