10 Celebs Who Inspire Our Black Boot Hunt

Maggie_G_Angelina_J_Cameron_D_Split_**DO_NOT_BLAST** - P 2014
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Maggie_G_Angelina_J_Cameron_D_Split_**DO_NOT_BLAST** - P 2014

The LBB has totally replaced the LBD.

No news flashes here. Unless you've been locked in a bunker for the bulk of 2014, you're aware that the black boot is, hands down, the ubiquitous fashion accessory of 2014. In a trend-centric glance, your eye can't roam past a braided updo, leather legging or gaudily painted nail (can this please, please go away, like, yesterday?) without the glorious sighting of this classic staple with many twists.

There's the flat family: studded, pointy rocker and her even more butch bro, the chunky moto (hopefully blessed with straps). There's the calf-and-knee grazing clan, who are a little more elusive these days, but still wholly embraced. And, our favorite tribe: boot-heel hybrids with a geometric or other interesting edge (peerless). 

The glitterati's love for the noir shoe-show runs deep and, per usual, the fashion darlings have us itching to grow our collection of these hotsteppers. Below, take a stroll through our top recent sightings of the boots made for walkin', off-duty and on the red carpet — for kicks, of course. 



At the London photocall for Annie, the newly engaged Cameron Diaz stepped out in a demure Rag & Bone getup that may have been snoozy if it weren't for the angular foot candy she sported. A zipped heel booty with a hint of red is piping hot!



Singer Pixie Lott was dripping in gold sequins to sing Christmas carols to kiddos in London. Those Saint Laurent Babies boots peeking from beneath made the entire ensemble seem like it was sprinkled with pixie dust.



We heart Emma Stone's casual gear, especially the simple ankle flats that appear to be as smooth as a second skin.



For the British Fashion Awards earlier this month, Charlotte Gainsbourg opted for top-to-bottom Louis Vuitton. The boot-jacket duo cured any kind of cutesy vibe the dress may have emanated, which is just this crooner's style.



Cue the Stones' Paint It Black! Looking extra thespian, Julianne Moore was a walking ode to NYC. It's always cool when there's little fuss over where pants fall in regards to a hemline — effortless at its best.



In an outfit that would otherwise be classified as TMT (too many trends), Poppy Delevingne manages to seamlessly pull off denim, leather leggings, faux fur, hexagonal shades and souped-up suede rocker boots. Brava!



Caped crusader Angelina Jolie hit the streets of Gotham in multi-textured kickers. Three words: chic, chic, chic.



Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann had a lot going on at the Imitation Game premiere. In loads of fringe and color-blocked jewel tones, the chunky-heeled booty served to settle the whole look down. 



If you're artsy Maggie Gyllenhaal, this is exactly what you wear to the New York Women In Film And Television Muse Awards: an angelic dress that matches your eyes, a waist-cincher of a belt and super-casual scrunched boots.



Only Karlie Kloss can't pull of the tomboy look, despite every measure taken. The blended boots do serve to sex up the street wear, though.