Black Eyed Peas playing quake benefit

Hip-hop group will join Karen Mok in Shanghai

SHANGHAI -- Hip-hop group Black Eyed Peas will perform an earthquake benefit concert Tuesday in Shanghai, sponsored by U.K.-based Chivas Brothers and its Chinese partner, Pernod Ricard China.

The money raised from the invitation-only performance will be donated to the Chinese Red Cross. The concert was originally intended as a promotional event for the beverage companies, but became a benefit in the aftermath of the May 12 earthquake that has killed about 69,000 people.

"We will invite our VIP guests, main customers in China, along with media to the concert," Vanessa Wright, communications director of Chivas Brothers told The Hollywood Reporter. "Around 700 people will attend."

The concert also will feature Hong Kong singer and actress Karen Mok, who acted in Stephen Chow's film "Shaolin Soccer." Black Eyed Peas had their first performance in Shanghai two years ago.

The performance will be held at the Shanghai Concert Hall, established in 1930.

"This is the first time for us to stage a contemporary music concert," a spokeswoman with the Shanghai Concert Hall told The Hollywood Reporter. "We usually stage only classical music performances."

The concert will be broadcast on unspecified national Chinese and regional television channels at a later date, Chivas said.