'Black Mirror' Episode Being Turned Into Art Exhibition

Black MIrror Still 2014

Scenes from "Fifty Million Merits," which starred 'Get Out' breakout Daniel Kaluuya, will be re-created at London's Barbican Centre.

From chilling anthology TV series to art exhibition, Netflix's Black Mirror is getting a cultural adaptation. Scenes from the episode "Fifty Million Merits" will be re-created at London's Barbican Centre as part of an exhibition entitled Into the Unknown: A Journey Through Science Fiction. It opens June 3.

According to The Fader, the entrance to the show will include a six-foot installation featuring cuts and frames from the episode, offering an immersive experience to attendees.

"Fifty Million Merits" first aired in 2011 and starred Daniel Kaluuya, recently seen in Get Out, as one of a number of wannabe reality TV stars who are forced to earn merits on exercise bikes to get a chance at fame. Downton Abbey's Jessica Brown Findlay also appeared in the episode.

Meanwhile, the fourth season of Black Mirror is currently being primed, with creator Charlie Brooker telling U.K. publication Radio Times that its themes were "quite far out there," meaning he doesn't envision them coming true.

"Although if that does happen, the world is really f––ed," added Brooker, whose other episode in the anthology series, "The Waldo Moment," unknowingly predicted the presidential rise of Donald Trump. "Well, the world is really f––ed, so we'll see."

"Good luck everybody!" Brooker tweeted about the exhibit.