'Black Panther' Costume Designer Crafts $25,000 Costume for Halloween Contest

Mermaid-Ruth- E- Carter-SpikedSeltzer-Publicity-Split-H 2018
Courtesy of SpikedSeltzer

Hopefuls can enter to win the costume by Ruth E. Carter.

Black Panther characters are sure to be popular Halloween looks this year, but the film's costume designer has another creation in store for those who want the real Wakanda treatment. In collaboration with SpikedSeltzer, Ruth E. Carter has crafted a mermaid costume worth $25,000, which hopefuls can enter to win in time for Oct. 31.

To enter the contest, fans must complete three tasks, which include following SpikedSeltzer and posting a photo of Carter's sketch on Instagram. For full consideration, hopefuls must also caption the sketch image, explaining why they deserve to win, as well as tag #MermaidCrusade and #Contest.

SpikedSeltzer began accepting entries Oct. 1 and will continue to review those posted through Wednesday. Once the winner is announced, Carter will adjust the costume according to the individual’s shape and style. 

“Through this costume, I wanted to imagine SpikedSeltzer’s mermaid icon as the dynamic, alluring, and powerful superhero she is, while also giving the look a little bit of culture since the design was inspired by the brand’s West Indies Lime flavor,” Carter said on SpikedSeltzer’s website. “I’m so excited to bring this mermaid costume to life and tailor it to make it unique to the winner’s individuality.”

Carter has designed costumes for film since the 1980s, with some of her past credits including Steven Spielberg’s Amistad, Spike Lee’s Malcolm X, Gina Prince-Bythewood’s Love & Basketball and Ava DuVernay’s Selma. She received two Oscar nominations for her work on Amistad and Malcolm X.





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