'Black Panther' Stars Share Their Favorite Marvel Super Powers

The ‘Black Panther’ costume was the unanimous favorite piece from the film for everyone on the red carpet.

At the movie's premiere, stars of Black Panther had varied thoughts on which superpower from the Marvel universe they'd most want as their own.

“I’d wish I could be invisible so I can see everything that’s going on behind my back,” Black Panther’s Sope Aluko said. "Be a fly on the wall. A fly would be great. Get from one place to another really quickly." 

Denzel Whitaker, who plays young Zuri in the film, replied, “Teleportation because the world is about accessibility, it’s about convenience. If you can be somewhere quickly you can do a whole bunch of things.”

According to A Wrinkle in Time star Storm Reid, there are just too many to choose from, so why not combine them? "That's a lot of pressure because I'd want to have a little bit of everything. A little bit of each superpower." 

When THR asked which costume from the film they’d most want to wear in their everyday life, the answer was unanimous: the Black Panther costume. But Silicon Valley’s Martin Starr had another idea. "They all look pretty cool, but I think I would just look like a goober by comparison because everyone looks pretty darn cool, and cool is underrepresented in my real life."