Black presiding over 'Evil'


After successfully parodying newscasts with "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart" and commentary shows with "The Colbert Report," Comedy Central is taking aim at court shows with "The Root of All Evil."

The cable network has greenlighted a pilot for the project, hosted by comedian and "Daily Show" contributor Lewis Black.

"Evil," exec produced by Scott Carter ("Real Time With Bill Maher") and David Sacks ("3rd Rock From the Sun"), features Black as a judge presiding over cases pitting political figures, celebrities and pop culture concepts accused of being "the root of all evil."

The recently filmed pilot included the cases of Paris Hilton vs. Dick Cheney and chick flicks vs. video games.

Guest comedians serve as attorneys for each side, with Black rendering a verdict.

Greg Giraldo and Paul F. Tompkins were among the comedians featured in the pilot.