'Black Swan,' '127 Hours' to Austin Fest

Event's 17th edition runs Oct. 21-28

The Austin Film Festival has unveiled the program for its 17th edition, which runs October 21-28.

"Black Swan," "127 Hours," "Peep World," "Meek's Cutoff," "Conviction," "Brother's Justice," "Fair Game," and many more, including 23 U.S. and world premieres and a handful of locally-made projects, will screen at the fest. The opening, centerpiece and closing night films have not yet been announced.

Festival line-up is below:


"127 Hours" – Danny Boyle (Writer/Director), Simon Beaufoy (Writer) – (Regional Premiere)
"Black Swan" – Darren Aronofsky (Director), Andres Heinz (Writer), John McLaughlin (Writer) – (Regional Premiere)
"Peep World" – Barry W. Blaustein (Director), Peter Himmelstein (Writer) – (U.S. Premiere)
"Bloodworth" – Shane Dax Taylor (Director), W. Earl Brown (Writer) – (World Premiere)
"Blue Valentine" – Derek Cianfrance (Writer/Director), Joey Curtis (Writer), Camille DeLavigne (Writer) – (Regional Premiere)
"Exporting Raymond" – Phil Rosenthal (Director) – (World Premiere)
"Fair Game" – Doug Liman (Director), Jez & John-Henry Butterworth (Writers) – (Regional Premiere)
"High School" – John Stalberg (Writer/Director), Erik Linthorst (Writer), Stephen Susco (Writer) – (Regional Premere)
"Main Street" – John Doyle (Director), Horton Foote (Writer) – (World Premiere)
"Meek's Cutoff" – Kelly Reichardt (Director), Jonathan Raymond (Writer) – (Regional Premiere)
"Every Day" – Richard Levine (Writer/Director) – (Regional Premiere)
"Sideways" – Cellin Gluck (Writer/Director) – (Regional Premiere)
"Raging Boll" – Dan Lee West (Director) – (U.S. Premiere)
"Under the Boardwalk: The Monopoly Story" – Kevin Tostado (Writer/Director), Craig Bentley (Writer) – World Premiere
"Conviction" – Tony Goldwyn (Director), Pamela Gray (Writer) – (Regional Premiere)


Edward Burns presents... "The Brothers McMullen"
Kyle Killen presents... "Lone Star"
Noah Hawley presents... "My Generation"
Kenneth Turan & Harry Ransom Center presents... "Sweet Smell of Success"
David Simon presents... "Treme"
David Peoples presents... "Twelve Monkeys"


"Brother's Justice" – Dax Shepard (Writer/Director), David Palmer (Director) – (Regional Premiere)
"Modern Imbecile's Planet World" – Doug Manley (Writer/Director) – (World Premiere)
"New Low" – Adam Bowers (Writer/Director) – (Regional Premiere)
"S&M Lawn Care" – Mark Potts (Writer/Director), Cole Selix (Writer) – (Regional Premiere)


"Bitter Feast" – Joe Maggio (Writer/Director) – (Regional Premiere)
"I Didn't Come Here to Die" – Bradley Scott Sullivan (Writer/Director) – (World Premiere)
"The Last Lovecraft" – Henry Saine (Director), Devin McGinn (Writer) – (Regional Premiere)
"El Monstro del Mar" – Stuart Simpson (Writer/Director) – (Regional Premiere)
"Re-Cut" – Fritz Manger (Writer/Director), Dylan Manger (Writer) – (Regional Premiere)
"A Savior Red" – Brian Scott Hunt (Writer/Director) – (World Premiere)


"Ballhawks" – Michael Diedrich (Director) – (Regional Premiere)
"The Disappearance of McKinley Nolan" – Henry Corra (Director) – (Regional Premiere)
"Louder Than a Bomb" – Greg Jacobs (Director), Jon Siskel (Director) – (Regional Premiere)
"Make Believe" – J. Clay Tweel (Director) – (Regional Premiere)
"My Name is Smith" – James Allen Smith (Director) – (World Premiere)
"Rainbows End" – Eric Hueber (Director) – (World Premiere)
"Rubble Kings" – Shan Nicholson (Director) – (World Premiere)
"Shelter in Place" – Zed Nelson (Director) – (U.S. Premiere)


"Dig" – Stephen Belyeu (Writer/Director) – (World Premeire)
"Dog Sweat" – Hossein Keshavarz (Director), Maryam Azadi (Writer) – (Regional Premiere)
"Embargo" – Antonio Ferreira (Director), Tiago Sousa (Writer) – (U.S. Premiere)
"Goodbye Cruel World" – Jack Zagha (Writer/Director), Enrique Chmelnik (Writer) – (World Premiere)
"Hello Lonesome" – Adam Reid (Writer/Director) – (Regional Premiere)
"Pickin' & Grinnin'" – Jon Gries (Director), John Dowers (Writer), Garret Mathany (Writer) – (Regional Premiere)
"Roger's Pass" – Colin Askey (Writer/Director) – (U.S. Premiere)
"Weakness" – Michael Melamedoff (Writer/Director) – (U.S. Premiere)


"Burned: Life in and Out of Texas Youth Prisons" – Emily Pyle (Director) – (Regional Premiere)
"Echotone" – Nathan Christ (Director) – (Regional Premiere)
"It's Whatever" – Eric Presley (Writer/Director), Rudi Daniel Davis (Director), Aaron Gray (Writer) – (World Premiere)
"Paradise Recovered" – Storme Wood (Director), Andie Redwine (Writer) – (Regional Premiere)
"The Spirit Molecule" – Mitch Schultz (Director) – (Regional Premiere)
"Ultimate Guide to Flight" – Scott R. Myers (Writer/Director) – (World Premiere)