'Gossip Girl's' Blake Lively's 'Hick' Trailer Hits (Video)

Chloe Moretz, Eddie Redmayne and Alec Baldwin also star in the teenage runaway drama.

The official trailer for Hick, starring Chloe Moretz as a 13-year-old runaway and Gossip Girl's Blake Lively as a woman who befriends her, has arrived days ahead of the film's VOD release on May 8.

Moretz, the breakout child actress from Kick-Ass and the soon-to-be-star of a Carrie remake, continues to dapple with dark material in Hick: she totes a gun; gets flirty with Eddie Redmayne, an older loner with a black cowboy hat; and gloms on to Lively's character, a big sister figure with a coke habit.

Derick Martini directed and wrote the screenplay, and Alec Baldwin and Juliette Lewis make cameos. The film premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last year to a blistering review from THR critic Kirk Honeycutt, who said: "Hick is probably what would happen if you took the worst country song imaginable and turned it into a movie."

Watch the trailer below, and judge for yourself: