Happy Birthday, Blake Lively: 10 Weird Instagrams Only She Could Pull Off

Blake Lively Hair - H 2015
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Blake Lively Hair - H 2015

We knew there was a reason we loved her.

Blake Lively may be best known for acting, founding lifestyle and e-commerce site, Preserve, and being the woman who broke hearts all over the world when she snatched Ryan Reynolds off the market, but in addition to all these fabulous accomplishments, the multihyphenate has another talent too: crafting hilarious Instagrams

Though her hashtags are long and her photoshop skills could use a little work, there's no doubt that Lively has a 'gramming gift. (Remember #Bronde? We have her to thank for that.) To celebrate the actress' 28th birthday on Aug. 25, we've rounded up her 10 silliest Instagrams — witty captions included — that prove she's the weirdest, most lovable celeb in Hollywood.

1. The Carrot/Celery Debacle: 


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"...I can't understand why people don't take me seriously as a chef. #PleaseDontShowLeCordonBleu @RobynLively #WhoPutsTrufflesOnTheirNipplesDearGodCantReportersTakeAJoke #ThatWasTheLongestHashtagEver"

2. The Foodie Work of Art:


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"Mona Lisa/ da Vinci. Adele Bloch-Bauer/Kilmt. Kitchen Maid/Vermeer. Blake Lively / Marie Saba. ...one of these things is not like the other. Art no less!! @mariesaba you made my dreams true. ...I finally are what I eat! Am. What I eat. You are what YOU eat. But I'm LITERALLY what I eat. See. Because of the . (Please stop talking)"

3. The "Jewelry Is Not Food" Incident: 


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"It's 3 in the morning. I start work at 6am. The jewels ended up in my mouth. And somehow we're wearing matching clothes. Does this count as an acid flashback? #TropicanaCasinoWallpaperTwins @ofirajewelz"

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4. The Great Hair Day: 


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"...Who wore it better? C'monnnn, my hair is my super power!! Now show me some of your INCREDIBLE hair moments! #PowerOn #GoodHairDay"

5. The Graceful Dancer: 


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"...that one time. When I secretly joined a dance troop. @twerk4dci you ladies are awesome."

6. The Titanic/Age of Adaline Confusion: 


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"Thank you to everyone who saw #AgeOfAdaline today!! Spoiler alert: Jack Dies. ...different movie. Sorry. I get confused with all this "never let go", "let go" business!!!"

7. Giving Picasso a Run for His Money: 


A photo posted by Blake Lively (@blakelively) on

"Self portrait. Suck it Picasso. #TooBadIForgotWhichSideMyMoleIsOnHashtagGenius"

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8. The Italian Job: 


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"...I've finally become Italian food. #GoalsCOMPLETE #CloudyWithAChanceOfAngelHair #YepThatsAFlyOnTheCenterOfMyNose"

9. The Flashback: 


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"What's sexier than a man on a scooter?! ...everything actually #ThanksFluxCapacitorForRemindingMeHowGratefulIAmThatThe90sAreOver"

10. The Great Office Chair Race: 


A video posted by Blake Lively (@blakelively) on

"So, I've finally found a talent. Watch out world. The Indy Chair Racing contest is coming for you... #RaddestJeansEverHuh?! #NoticeMyFaceAtTheEnd Turns out other people weren't so happy about my talent."