Blake Lively Has a Bob Now

Blake Lively Hair - H 2015
AP Images

Blake Lively Hair - H 2015

For a role, naturally.

For some celebrities, the smallest change in hairstyle — Kylie Jenner’s bleach job! Rita Ora’s bowl cut! — makes the biggest headlines. Like when Blake Lively went “brond” for summer. And she’s done it again: this time with a bob.

Although it may not be a true bob. As in it could be a wig. But still, the beauty who recently announced she was shuttering Preserve has been spotted in New York on set of the latest Woody Allen film, rocking a shoulder-length do.

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The star hasn’t posted anything on Instagram to suggest she made a major chop — and you'd better believe it would be major, as she’s had long hair her whole career — so our assumption is that it may be a temporary look. Even so, she pulls it off. Wonder what hubby Ryan Reynolds thinks of the style?