The Onion to Launch Toronto Edition

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The Toronto Star newspaper is backing The Onion's first foray outside the U.S. market, and into Canada's largest media market.

TORONTO – No joke: the Toronto Star newspaper is bringing The Onion, the weekly news parody publication, to Canada’s largest media market.

The Canadian daily has an agreement with The Onion and its pop-culture sister publication, The A.V. Club, to launch a free print edition in Toronto starting this fall.

The Toronto Star will print The Onion’s first foray outside the U.S. market, and sell advertising rights for the local edition.

"Toronto has long been one of the top-10 cities for The Onion's online audience," said Steve Hannah, president and CEO of Onion, Inc.

"Toronto has a tradition of great comedy as well as being a really smart, cosmopolitan city that has a natural audience for our pop culture coverage as well,” Hannah added.

The Onion, which has a first-look TV development deal with CBS Television Studios, has its TV series Onion News Network airing in Canada on SuperChannel.