Blockbuster adding vid game rentals online

Goal is to expand pilot program nationwide in second-half 2009

NEW YORK -- Blockbuster will offer some subscribers to its comprehensive video rental service an added feature that allows for video game rentals.

The rental giant on Wednesday unveiled the pilot program, set to start in the second quarter, for select Blockbuster Total Access users.

Under the plan, consumers will continue to be able to exchange by-mail rentals requested online for free in-store movies as well as exchange them for half-price, in-store game rentals.

Its goal is to offer the expanded service nationwide in the second half of the year. Blockbuster said it would be the only online rental service offering both movies and games.

"We already rent more video games than any other company, store-based or online, in the nation, so we know our core customer loves games as well as movies," said Bob Barr, vp and GM of