Ex-Blockbuster exec to First Look


NEW YORK -- The revamped First Look Studios has named Dean Wilson COO.

Wilson, the former head of new business development at Blockbuster, will report to FLS CEO Trevor Short and First Look Holdings co-chairman Avi Lerner. First Look Holdings, owned by Nu Image and its co-chairman Henry Winterstern, took control of FLS in February.

Wilson has a long-standing relationship with Winterstern. He co-founded one-time Blockbuster acquisition and distribution subsidiary DEJ Prods. (he's the 'D' in DEJ), which Winterstern acquired during his tenure as CEO of FLS.

The executive will oversee marketing, sales, acquisitions and distribution at FLS, including film purchases, more than 1,000 entertainment titles in its catalog as well as such distribution platforms as the Ultimate Fighting Championship and Video Asia.

During his 12-year tenure at Blockbuster, Wilson served in several positions, including executive vp and chief content officer worldwide. He joined the company after working for nine years at video retailer Trans World Entertainment.

"(Dean) understands the film acquisition, financing and production side of the business but also has extensive experience in the global distribution and marketing of movies and a thorough knowledge of the new and future movie distribution technologies," Lerner said.