Blockbuster eyes sale of int'l operations


Blockbuster Inc. CEO John Antioco confirmed Tuesday that the rental chain has been approached by a company interested in buying its Taiwan operations.

Antioco also said Blockbuster is in talks to sell off parts of its international operations, including Blockbuster Taiwan.

Last week, a Taiwanese Web site reported that Webs-TV Digital International intended to buy Blockbuster Taiwan. At the time Blockbuster spokesman Randy Hargrove told the Dallas Business Journal that a filing in regard to a potential deal with Webs-TV had been sent to the Taiwan Fair Trade Commission.

Antioco said Tuesday that private equity firms have looked at the company's international assets, although he doesn't think a single investor would be interested in buying all the company's international operations.

Dallas-based Blockbuster has more than 2,600 stores outside the United States, according to the company's Web site. In addition to Taiwan, Blockbuster has operations in Brazil, Chile, Denmark, Italy and other countries.
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