Blockbuster mulls Hulu-like business

CEO: Company interested in 'more robust TV offering'

Could beleaguered video-rental giant Blockbuster become a competitor to Hulu?

Blockbuster CEO Jim Keyes said late Tuesday that the company is interested in a "more robust TV offering" that could look like Hulu. Without naming names, he said he might consider a partnership to make such a thing occur.

He also said Blockbuster would consider a couple of digital subscription services, one targeting children and the other targeting Spanish-language consumers.

Keyes also said Blockbuster could become some sort of player in the distribution of original films.

He made the remarks during a Q&A session at Citi's Global Entertainment, Media & Telecommunications Conference in San Francisco. Before that, his prepared remarks focused on ongoing efforts to ward off competition from Netflix and Redbox and on Blockbuster's intention to delve deeper into video games.