'Blood Father' Trailer: Mel Gibson's Ex-Con Dad Is Violently Devoted to Protecting His Daughter

William H. Macy, Erin Moriarty and Diego Luna co-star in the action movie set to hit theaters later this summer.

A call from his daughter asking for money ends up with her ex-con dad, John Link (Mel Gibson), and the girl, Lydia Carson (Erin Moriarty), on the run and fighting off the men that are hunting her down in the new trailer for Lionsgate Premiere's Blood Father.

In the preview that debuted online Thursday, Lydia tells her estranged dad that her boyfriend got shot and people are looking for her. But he finds drugs in her bag and, after his tattoo shop in the desert comes under fire, she tells him that she actually killed her boyfriend and the guys hunting her down worked for him.

As Lydia and John hit the road, she begs him to let her pay the price for what she's done, but he seems to feel a fatherly duty to protect her.

"You got raised by three stepfathers, it should have been me," John tells her after she says he can go home.

Action-packed clips then show the pair battling members of a drug cartel in cars and on bikes.

Blood Father, directed by Peter Craig and written by Craig and Andrea Berloff, co-stars Diego Luna, Michael Parks and William H. Macy. The movie is set to hit theaters Aug. 12.