Vin Diesel Flexes Super-Soldier Muscles in New Trailer for 'Bloodshot'

The comic book adaptation from the writers of 'Arrival' and 'Bird Box' features nanobot-enhanced soldiers fighting for a mysterious organization.

Sony Pictures released the international trailer for its upcoming action film Bloodshot on Tuesday.

The film is adapted from a Valiant comic book of the same name. In the trailer, Ray Garrison (Vin Diesel) is an assassin whose blood is filled with nanobots, which enhance his strength, speed and ability to heal. Garrison is enhanced in order to join a group of super soldiers led by an unnamed man (Guy Pearce).

Of course, all is not as it seems. At the beginning of the trailer, an unconscious Diesel lies on a medical table, machinery dangling above him. A computerized voice says "commencing memory fabrication" before needles drive into his chest, filling his bloodstream with nanobots. 

Pearce's character goes on to explain to Garrison that he was a soldier killed in battle, and joining this team of enhanced people like him is the only way he gets to live a new life. Garrison meets the team, played by the likes of Eiza Gonzalez (Hobbs & Shaw), Toby Kebbell (Kong: Skull Island) and Sam Heughan (Outlander). 

Fascinated by his new abilities, Garrison demonstrates them in a series of shots that emphasize his newfound strength and healing abilities, but as Garrison says at the end of the sequence, "Something doesn't feel right." A character named Wilfred, played by New Girl alum Lamorne Morris, warns Garrison that he's being manipulated for nefarious purposes.

The rest of the trailer sees Garrison expressing his anger at this, both verbally and physically, before ending up in a one-on-one melee with Heughan's character, Jimmy Dalton. 

The adapted screenplay was written by Arrival and Bird Box writer Eric Heisserer and Kick-Ass 2 writer Jeff Wadlow, and was helmed by new feature film director Dave Wilson. It's out in theaters March 13.